Assessment Programmes

The right recruit is the right result for your company It’s that simple – so why do employers get it wrong so often, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? Assessment Centres play a key role in ensuring that the selection process identifies a candi-date’s true potential – potential which you can then maximise for your business. PROHRD HCIM Consultancy has extensive experience in this arena. We can run an entire programme for you, providing the whole gamut of tasks and exercises followed by detailed feedback.

Use us to:

  • Diagnose the competencies and skills specific to your business
  • Design aptitude tasks and exercises to test for those specific competencies and skills
  • Produce detailed qualitative and quantitative reports on each candidate
  • Customise the assessment day to your needs

HR Department Audits

As your business grows, and you start to recruit more staff you will appreciate the need for more robust HR processes and systems. You are still not big enough to warrant employing a full time HR Manager to take care of that side of the business, but you know you could do with some expert help. AllowPROHRD HCIM Consultancy to audit what you do have and provide you with a clear, specific plan of any red flag areas that need addressing now. We will give you the se-curity that confirms if what you have in your business, from an HR perspective, is fit for purpose. This is not a lofty "blue sky thinking" exercise. This is a practical, no-nonsense solution that is designed to give you piece of mind - now.

HR Strategic Reviews

Is the HR function within your organisation ‘fit for purpose? Does the experience and professionalism of your HR team give you the confidence that they are business focussed and have the strength and resilience to support your Com-pany through the next 3 or 5 years? Does your overall business strategy and the strategic plans of the HR function compli-ment each other and are they fully aligned and integrated? Or is your HR function more operational, managing the day-to-day needs of the business without the head-room for looking at the future? PROHRD HCIM Consultancy has helped clients review the effectiveness of their HR teams and functions, to identify where there might be knowledge/skill or experience gaps, or where the department might need strengthening in certain areas, particularly in the ability to think strategically. Working alongside the Board, PROHRD HCIM Consultancy have interviewed and audited Staff, Managers and Directors and have worked with compa-nies to support their HR functions to design and deliver a robust and business fo-cussed, long term HR strategy which is completely aligned with the needs of the busi-ness.

Employee Handbooks

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful business vision. An employee handbook communicates your business vision to your employees. An effective employee handbook makes sure that your employees know what’s ex-pected of them so that your business knows where it’s at. Many expanding businesses reach a critical point where informal communication among employees is no longer up to the job and can lead to inefficiency in the work-place. A comprehensively detailed employee handbook can prevent this happening. With a breadth of professional knowledge in employment legislation, ProHRD Consul-tancy can create for you an employee handbook customised to your business.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are crucial for both employer and employee. A watertight employment contract ensures every aspect of the employment relation-ship is clearly understood, thus preventing the financial and personal cost of any issues arising. PROHRD HCIM Consultancy’s expertise in contract architecture can be tailor-made to meet your needs avoiding the unnecessary expense of employment lawyers. We can tailor a contract to meet your needs – temporary, fixed term, to cover maternity leave – whatever the situation we can help.

Salary & Benefits

Are you sure the salary and benefits you formulate are up to the job? Has a prospective new employee ever turned you down at the last minute saying they’ve had a better offer? That is a waste of time and effort for you and your compa-ny. It’s a cut-throat world out there. Good staff know their worth – and will strike a hard bargain. So how do you get it right? Using demographics and employee modelling, PROHRD HCIM Consultancy can help you to entice and retain new employees/staff. Our latest, extensive database of current salary and benefit norms gives you the reas-surance that you are paying the right package for the right person in the right place/post/job.

Managing Poor Performance

Managing the poor performance of an employee is the bain of an employer’s life. It takes too long, distracts resource away from the business and has a detrimental impact on morale. And, although no-one likes confrontation, the sooner the matter is discussed and steps are put into place to deal with it and sort the problem out, the better. Many employers, faced with the minefield of today’s HR regulations and legislation , are simply not prepared . The main reason ex-employees of small and medium-sized businesses win tribunal cases is because their employers failed to follow the correct disciplinary proce-dures. PROHRD HCIM Consultancy can work alongside you at every stage of the process to approach and tackle these situations with confidence. You can rest assured that we are equipped with the detailed knowledge of both employers’ and employees’ rights and responsibilities.

Performance Management & Appraisals

Effective performance management keeps your employees motivated thus enhancing your business. It is only effective if it is carried out effectively. Successful businesses have learnt that far more can be achieved through proactive performance management than through reac-tive performance management.

PROHRD HCIM Consultancy has helped many businesses to maximise their performance man-agement and appraisal skills, advising on:

  • Designing and implementing a new scheme
  • Streamlining an existing scheme
  • Training employees and managers on performance management and appraisals
  • Observing and analysing how managers conduct appraisals with detailed constructive feedback
  • Identifying business objectives and ensuring appraisals are clearly linked to these objectives

Employee Surveys

Do you really know the true level of employee satisfaction within your organisation? Are your employees delighted to come to work, or are they disgruntled with their lot? PROHRD HCIM Consultancy has undertaken many surveys for clients, that allows a true under-standing of what staff think about;

  • The Boss
  • The Board
  • Facilities
  • Benefits
  • Resources
  • Overall job satisfaction

These results allow you, as the employer, to benchmark yourselves against others and, where necessary, undertake specific actions to address concerns. We have also helped clients prepare for, and submit successful applications for “The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For” annual competition. In our experience, paper-based survey forms are preferred by staff, as they feel that these can be completed truly anonymously and therefore give a better reflection of staff feelings.

Training & Coaching

No business can afford to be static. The world - and especially the world of business - is all about change. So enjoy embracing that change and help your staff do their best work by offering a pro-gramme of continuous development and training.

Use PROHRD HCIM Consultancy to :

  • Conduct a training needs analysis
  • Design the appropriate training
  • Tailor that training to your business objectives to improve profitability
  • Deliver that training

Courses :

Successful courses reap results. ProHRD Consultancy has a proven track record in running courses on the following :

  • Motivation
  • Interviewing skills
  • Feedback techniques
  • Reducing Absenteeism
  • Managing Discipline
  • Appraisals and Performance review
  • Managing conflict
  • Time Management
  • Improving Customer Care
  • Creative Customer Contact
  • Handling Complaints positively
  • Assertiveness
  • Communication Skills
  • Influencing Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Delegation Skills
  • Managing People through Change
  • Managing Eedundancies

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