Strategy & Organizational Assessment

Performing strategy and organizational assessment is an important step to understand the current state and organization position. This step is usually done through performing organization internal and external analysis. The internal analysis focuses on the organization strengths and weaknesses while the external analysis focuses on threats and opportunities.

We are using different tools and techniques such as SWOT and PESTEL. SWOT analysis reviews the organization based on four different dimensions which are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. PEST analysis focuses mainly on external factors which are political, economic, social and technology factors. PESTEL adds additional two factors which are environmental and legal.

During this stage, we will review the current strategy and available strategic options using different methods and techniques such surveys, interviews, focus groups and workshops. The output of this exercise is a report detailing all the observations and recommendations.

We at PROHRD can help you analyze your organization strategy and identify strengths, potential improvements and opportunities.

The key benefits of strategy and organizational assessment are:

  • Serve as a high-level picture of the organization current state.
  • Identify the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Clarify the organization strategic options and directions.
  • Provide a base to develop the organization strategy.
  • Provides a framework for decision-making.
  • Serve as a reference for quick-wins and projects.
  • Make sure the strategy is built on comprehensives analysis.
  • Discover capability and determine which areas to concentrate on for improvement.
  • Provide an objective and independent assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

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Corporate & Business Strategy

Strategy is simply a high-level plan or direction for an organization. The strategizing or strategy formulation is all about selecting the organization direction or selecting what to do.

The strategic planning is done in two parts which are corporate strategy and business strategy. Corporate strategy (also called organizational strategy) focuses on what to do? or what business to invest in based on the organization mission and vision. The business strategy focuses on the how part; how are we going to achieve the corporate strategy?

One of the effective and widely used approaches used to formulate the strategy is the balanced scorecard which is an integrated framework for strategic planning and performance management. Based on the organizational assessment, we at PROHRD can support you in strategy formulation and implementation activities including:

  • Developing Vision, Mission and Values
  • Developing Strategic Themes/Pillars and Results
  • Developing Strategic Objectives and Strategy Map
  • Developing Performance Measures (Strategic KPIs & Targets)
  • Proposing Strategic Initiatives
  • Developing the Balanced Scorecard Framework
  • Developing Transformation Roadmap & Prioritization
  • Performing Strategy Alignment & Cascading
  • Developing Business Strategies and Plans

We at PROHRD have the experience corporate and business strategy formulation and implementation, our experts are certified in strategy and performance management and can add value to your organization.

The key benefits of corporate and business strategy are:

  • Create a clear direction for the organization.
  • Provide systematic approach to planning.
  • Keep the organization focus.
  • Allows organizations to be proactive.
  • Increases business efficiency.
  • Easy to communicate to related stakeholders.
  • Allows for continuous evaluation and improvements.

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Corporate Governance & Board Services

Governance is essential for any organization in order to realize the strategy. Governance is a key success factor in public, private and non-for-profit organizations. Governance can be defined as the overall systems that direct and control the organization including identifying related stakeholders and defining their roles and responsibilities.

We at PROHRD can support you in to define corporate governance and board services including:

  • Developing Corporate Governance Model.
  • Developing policies, roles and responsibilities and nomination process for Corporate Board of Directors.
  • Developing policies, roles and responsibilities and nomination process for Corporate Board Committees process.
  • Developing policies, roles and responsibilities and nomination process for Corporate Executives.
  • Defining the Corporate Board Secretaries roles and responsibilities as well as managing secretaries’ duties through outsourcing.
  • Defining Delegation of Authorities Matrix.
  • Developing Guidelines to ensure Transparency, Disclosure & Stakeholders Rights.
  • Developing Board & Executive Compensation & Benefits.

We also provide the headhunting service for board of directors, board committees and executives.

The key benefits of corporate governance and board services are:

  • Increase transparency and control.
  • Assure stakeholders’ rights.
  • Optimize the use of resources and stakeholders’ engagement.
  • Focus on organization objectives.
  • Improve and support decision making in the organization.
  • Improve management by objective principles.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities and accountability within the organization.

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SMO Setup & Operating Model

The Strategy Management Office (also know as the Office of Strategy Management) is the backbone of strategy formulation and execution. The roles of the SMO include leading and the strategy development, communicating the strategy, aligning and cascading the strategy, managing the strategy execution, evaluating performance and reviewing the strategy.

The SMO is a key factor for successful strategy implementation and hence it is critical that the SMO is designed and operated in the right way. Typical SMO functions include strategic planning, business intelligence, performance management and strategic alignment.

We at PROHRD can support you to setup the SMO and identify the appropriate SMO operating model for your organization. Aspects that we look at when developing the SMO include:

  • Organizational strategy and culture.
  • Organizational governance and policies.
  • Organizational structure and responsibilities.
  • SMO mandate or scope of the work.
  • Key processes that deliver SMO values.
  • Targeted stakeholders.
  • Required capabilities.
  • Required tools and technologies.

We can also support you in developing the strategy planning guide for your organization to guide your team in managing and updating the strategy, this guide typically include:

  • Organizational assessment toolkit.
  • Developing the balanced scorecard.
  • Detailing the KPIs and initiatives.
  • Strategy cascading and alignment.
  • Strategy communication.
  • Prioritization and transformation roadmap.
  • Budgeting and resource allocation.
  • Performance management.

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Strategy Dashboards & Reports

In organizations, there are different stakeholders with different interests and needs which need to be addressed and satisfied in different ways. Strategy performance needs to be communicated at the right time to the right stakeholders using the right tools. It is important to have diversified business reports and dashboards to satisfy different stakeholders needs.

At PROHRD, we help organizations to select and customize reports and live dashboards to fit to suit the organization needs such as:

Business Dashboards:

Dashboard must reflect the current state in a real-time manner to keep stakeholders informed and support decision making.

Performance Reports:

Performance and progress reports that support decision making and help taking corrective actions.

Financial Analysis:

Evaluating portfolios budgets, assessing funds availability, commitment, liquidity and spending. Provide visibility on financial stability and support financial predication and optimization.

The key benefits of strategy dashboards and reports are:

  • Increase visibility and transparency in the organization.
  • Improve business results and work productivity.
  • Support informed decision making.
  • Improve monitoring and controlling.
  • Improve governance and accountability.

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SMO Professionals Outsourcing

We at Bakkah Inc. possess certified and experienced strategy professionals in planning and performance management that will support you in managing the strategy. If your organization lacks the availability of strategy professional, through the services we offer we can provide you the most professional services in this domain. By examining your organization’s status along with SMO activities, our professionals will stand ready to assure the successful management and execution of your strategy.

Your organization will be enriched and will reach its highest levels of success through acquiring the benefits from our specific expertise and experience to achieve your strategic goals and objectives.

It is important to note that our strategy management professionals are experienced in the development of strategy and managing performance. We are guided mainly by balanced scorecard methodology and most of our teams are certified in Axelos and PMI certifications such as BSP and KPIP.

The key benefits of SMO professionals outsourcing are:

  • Ensure the achievement of expected business results.
  • Ensure the implementation of the best practices in strategy management.
  • Avoid unjustifiable costs leading to minimal results.
  • Control strategy execution and review.

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