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We are team of talented trainers and consultants with high competitive standards

PROHRD HCIM is one of the APPOLINE Management Development Group, "AMDG" is a premier training and Consultancy company with highly competitive standards for training, coaching, professional education and development. We provide elite and diverse training programs that enhance an individual’s knowledge and skills and facilitate an organizations business growth. We provide professional business training courses, carefully designed for companies to train their staff and for individuals who are seeking their own personal development. We offer multi-level training courses in Business Management, Project Management, Human Resources and Soft Skills, Sales, Quality, Financial, Marketing and much more.Our team is consist of industry experts with deep practical training experience. Our staff expertise, is our primary asset in delivering the knowledge to you and your teams.

PROHRD HCIMis an Organizational Development and leadership strategy firm that believes engaged, inspired employees build great companies – and successful teams are built by leaders that inspire.

At PROHRD HCIM, we listen to, measure, and evaluate companies and their cultures. We partner with leaders to define their vision and map out their future success. We work with teams to add inspiration and purpose for every individual, every day – and when we do these things, we build stronger companies.

Our Vision

To be a global leader for human capital & innovation management solutions that Adds People’s Potential Overall Life Improvement and Nurture Empowerment of businesses to obtain and manage a thriving workforce; to exceed expectations and become the preferred partner of employers and business advisors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients and business partners with integrated human capital management solutions and quality services that improve efficiencies and effectiveness in talent management processes. We operate with integrity and with an emphasis on high-level customer service.

Our Values

The values at the heart of PROHRD HCIM's culture are shown in the abbreviation APPOLINE given below. We seek, encourage, celebrate and reward these values. They are essential to the promises we’ve made to our customers, communities, investors, suppliers and employees.

  • Achieving Excellence Together Collaborate and celebrate. Drive forward as a team toward our mission.
  • Pro-actively providing the best customer service Proactively anticipate Customer needs and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Perseverance Maintaining course when the going gets tough, and not losing sight of strategic objectives, even if short-term obstacles come along.
  • Ownership with Openness & Accountability We do what we say we will do. We stand behind our promises.
  • Listening to all Ideas Ask for it all the time, and actually listen to what others have to say.
  • Integrity & Diligence We will be guided by the highest standards of ethical business conduct.
  • Nurturing Empowerment Giving opportunities to learn, experiment, test, fail and take responsibility for.
  • Exhaust all Possibilities & Take Risks We will do everything possible to find a solution even if that means taking calculated risks. We will do what others aren’t willing to do

Our Guiding Philosophy

We are committed to create a strong and continuous improvement in human capital performance with you and your organization. We create a smart partnership with you to fully understand your unique business strategy, goals, needs, objectives and culture. Following that, your needs will be studied and a tailor-made program will be designed for your organization. The core aim of our training services is to build and sustain the skills and behaviors that are essential to your business successes.


The Founder has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resources Management. He also has expertise across a variety of sectors which include banking, investment, management consulting, IT/software development, real estate, engineering and automotive. He has worked closely with consulting firms on HR projects, (HAY Group, Deloitte, Mercer, Ernst and Young, McKinsey, Aon Hewitt and McLagan), compensation study, competency modelling, assessment centers and evaluation of HR central services. His country work experience includes many GCC countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Qatar, KSA and SAARC countries such as India and Sri Lanka.

Mr. Francis is a senior SHRM & HRCI Certified HR Professional with a Masters’ Degree in PMIR and Lean Six Sigma GB and BB by Benchmark Six Sigma, RABQSA. As Lead Auditor (QMS); he successfully implemented ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System at Toyota & Lexus distributor, Al-Sayer Group in Kuwait. He has led a variety of HR programs, ranging from manpower planning and talent acquisition to boarding, compensation and benefits structuring, training and development, performance management, job descriptions, job evaluation, HR policies and procedures, process mapping, competency based human resources, talent management, succession planning and implementation of HR management information system. His passion about growing Center of Excellence team capabilities, and working across functions to lead, coach and inspire innovation, best practices, and team performance thrives on tough challenges and translates vision and strategies into actionable, value-added goals as Catalyst. Mr. Francis is a Lead Trainer across MENA and Asia, specialized in offering HRCI Training Programs. HRCI maintains an on-going relationship with him. The aim of the company is to introduce the best professional consulting services in human capital development.

We possess a number of experienced professionals who have been long engaged in developmental thinking and skill building, having academic qualifications and graduating from long established universities. Accordingly, we are qualified to be partners with the government and the commercial, investment and oil sectors to provide suitable solutions conforming to advanced administrative and technical systems. We harness our expertise in developing individual and institutional performances so as to minimize costs and maximize profits. We have a real contribution to the realization of Kuwait Vision 2035. One of the pillars on which the Vision depends is creative human capital.


Area of business

The objects to be pursued by the company on its incorpation are :

  • To carry on the Business of Providing Manpower placement and recruiting, Selecting Interviewing, Training and Employing all types of executives, Middle management Staff, Workers, Labourers skilled/Unskilled required by various Industries and Organizations including providing Security Services, Labour Contractors, Industrial, Commercial, Housing and Other security services and workers for office management and to conduct employment bureau and to provide consultancy and other services in connection with requirements of persons and Manpower supply in India and abroad.
  • To provide Human Resource Management Advisory Services, Including Training, Coaching and Workshops, and to Provide Legal & Litigation advisory, Real Estate Advisory, Global Mobility Services, Management Consultancy for Corporate and Others.
  • To provide Consulting Services in the field of Business process Outsourcing Strategy, Infrastructure, Performance Improvement and Competitiveness, Leapfrog Strategies, Transition Management, enabling Technologies, System integration and Generally all types of management Consultancy of Finance, Local or International Investment Real Estate, Foreign Exchange, Administration, Organizations, Management, Executive selection, mergers and Acquisition Valuations, Reorganization and Reconstruction, Diversification Strategy and Disinvestment, Privatization, Investigations Environmental Studies, Environmental Audit, Corporate Strategic planning, proprietary Audit, Management Audit and Internal Audit, Technology Economic Feasibilities, Commerce and Industries, Production Storage Development, Financial Management, Human Resource Development, Training, Production Management, Material and cost Control and Rendering Of Consultancy to India and Multinational Organization.

Services and Methodologies

The fact that the company is specialized in works and services of human resources development, which has become one the priorities of different countries, institutions and sectors, highlights the role of services we offer to the target group of customers as follows :

First : Individuals

Graduates :

Introducing practical programs and activities that enable the beneficiaries to pass the interview, get a suitable job and achieve occupational adaptation.

Entrepreneurs and SME owners:

Providing specialized management consultations in organizational, occupational and administrative development complying with the Labor Law to enable them to run their work and projects according to regulations, policies and administrative procedures to ensure the quality of work and workers' rights, and facilitate administrative procedures.

Second : Governmental and commercial institutions

  • Establishing and documenting a close working relationship with stakeholders who desire to benefit from our services and activities that can gain advantage and precedence if applied.
  • Building channels through the cooperation opportunities required by the authorities. We can introduce them professionally as experts engaged in discovering, searching and nationalizing talents.
  • Providing concerned customers with our distinguished services aimed at improving the business environment and increasing productivity.
  • Playing the role of a partner, providing assistance and occupational and administrative support to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Our methods and tools in providing service

Our works are specialized and accurate and need to be introduced in an innovative style and civilized way. So, our works are science taught and art practiced.

  • Study of the current situation.
  • Situation analysis and identification of causes.
  • Conceptualization (proposing solutions).
  • Providing solutions consistent with customer needs.
  • Systematic and accurate application and time follow-up.
  • Reviewing and monitoring performance.

What distinguishes us

Our business targets a large segment of the society (the youth). We are keen to provide quality services at a low price. All categories and customers will be able to benefit from our services at affordable prices. The prices will commensurate with the value paid in return for a suitable price for the type and quality of service. Furthermore, we will be an integral part of the progress of individuals and institutions. The differences will appear and the results will emerge immediately upon engaging our distinguished services, distinctive in their content and benefits.

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