Team Work

To be successful, people must learn how to work in teams and collaborate with one another.This Programme aims to inspire even the most diverse team to work together and deliver success.This includes individual and team development.

Who Should Attend?

This programme has been designed for who wants to learn how effective teams operate and how they as team members can contribute to the growth and development of high performing teams

Training Objectives

  • To reach optimum levels of team success
  • To understand that values affect people’s perceptions and decision-making
  • To build strong team identity through vision, purpose and commitment
  • To protect the team and convert conflicts into advantages that promote high performance
  • To develop team commitment and co-operation

Programme Content

  • How teams grow and evolve through five stages of team development
  • Develop team commitment to a shared vision
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people
  • How to make teams more cohesive and unified
  • How to build trust
  • Balance the team — task vs. relationship
  • How to make effective team decisions and plans
  • Run focused and efficient team meetings that have set outcomes
Team Work

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